An Unexpected Feeling

Last week we went to see The Hobbit.

Latimer: It’s very strange to think on this, but I have – sort of – a long history with Peter Jackson.

He made a movie called ‘Bad Taste’ many, many years ago. When I was a very, very small Latimer, I often saw the cover of this movie in an old video shop in our little town. It was back in the VHS days to put it in perspective.

I have the cover image of Bad Taste imprinted in my mind; really weird white alien-type creature in a black suit giving the finger.

This still scares me!!! WAHHHH!!!!

And… I remember watching it, a little, when my older siblings rented it. It’s a dark comedy; but not really when you are a kid; it’s actually a nightmare that plagued me for many nights afterward!

I never thought then that I would come to love Peter Jackson so much!

Myself and Ridley have a long tradition of going to see Lord of the Rings.

It was a sad thing to realise that the first movie is now 11yrs old! And I guess, so its Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Honestly, I haven’t thought about Middle-Earth in a long time. I started to forget how much I loved it. I remembered I loved it, but I didn’t feel that love anymore. Time passed, obsessions came and went, as they do.

So, when they announced Hobbit; I wasn’t very interested.

When they released the trailer, I didn’t think much of it and when they said, it’ll be three movies, I rolled my eyes. It’s true. Sounds harsh, but don’t get me wrong, time had just passed, and well, I didn’t care so much anymore.

When I sat down in the cinema; which was more or less empty, I thought back on how myself and Ridley used to arrive early to a packed cinema in the Lord of the Rings days; we would queue;we would get jumpy, trying to organize everyone; myself and Ridley would race for the best seats, glancing back to make sure the rest of our fellowship had made it.

This time it was just me and Ridley and the cinema was pretty empty. And, we had 3D glasses (that’s new too, and not sure I’m sold on it at all).

Then it started. Then I started to remember…

The music; the props; New Zealand… I smiled; I had missed middle-earth! It was wonderful to be back.

So although I was apathetic before, I’m now really happy to be back in Middle-Earth and I’m looking forward to travelling more with Thorin Oakenshield’s company! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Feeling

  1. When I read your post I feel inspired to go and see The Hobbit as long as it runs in the movie theatres… Although I will look ridiculous with those 3-D-glasses, again… 😉
    Thanks a million for sharing your perspective on this!

    1. Thanks Stefanie!! You should definitely go see it! Though maybe in 2D, still not sure what 3D added to it!! New Zealand is beautiful regardless 🙂 It’s nice to see it again!

      1. Hej! 🙂
        As I want to take my partner with – he is US-American and not familiar enough with German, yet, to follow a whole movie – I will have to see if we can find a movie theatre showing the film in English. (In Germany they usually dub in German voices.) The choice won’t be too big so, in terms of 3D/ 2D we take what we can get. Good to know that it won’t make a huge difference, anyway.

  2. My best friend, Tiffany, and I totally went to see The Hobbit this past (stimulus) Tuesday! We loved it. haha. To prepare, we had a LOTR marathon at her house a day or 2 before. We didn’t see the 3D one, but we saw the regular one. I cannot wait for them to make the rest of the series. I must admit, though.. i didn’t know they were making more than one movie. lol. also.. i may have nightmares from that Bad Taste poster. O.o

    1. Yea- when I looked up the Bad Taste poster, I actually got chills again – scarred for life I am!! I’m definitely feeling a LOTR marathon coming after seeing the Hobbit!! Though that must have been some marathon – I think it would take 2 or 3 days for sure (did you guys watch the extended versions? I love watching the extras on them – that would be another marathon to do!).

      1. haha. no, i don’t think it was the extended version. the movies are long enough as it is. well, when I say marathon, I guess I mean we watched 1 1/2 movies last month together at my house (lol). and finally had time to finish the rest of the marathon at her house the day before the hobbit. lol. haha. you should definitely have a marathon.. if you have like 9 hours to kill. O.o. haha. side note: Tiffany laid claim to Legolas and I get Aragorn. 😉 juuuust saying.

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