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Two girls, best friends,

fun, quirky

and most importantly writers

with one shared dream!


We are driven to create that “unputdownable” book. We want you to stay up all night, miss your bus at the stop and lose track of time, all so you can just keep reading, to turn that one more page.

You’ll rush to reach the end and then hate when it’s all over!

We love the highs and lows that come with a really good tale and that’s what we want to give to you.

There are so many fan girls, just like us, out there that want to be caught up in great adventures!


So let us sweep you off your feet! 



and then tell us if you want more!







You’re still here? Not bored yet? Here’s more nuggets of information about us:




Scientist by day, crime fighting space-frog girl by night!

I am Latimer, part one of our writing duo.

I love science, although it scares and baffles me (but in a good way, ha). It’s a great source of inspiration and it’s interesting 🙂 

I love, love, LOVE to draw, read and write; my stress outlets and my playgrounds! My mind is basically, half-factual, half-fantastical 🙂

I’m addicted to tea (trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I use in me cuppa, but I’ll tell you what, tea is not tea without sugar :(). My blend is Lyons tea (J’adore). I would gladly be a poster child for Lyons (wink, wink, Lyons!… one day… one day…)

I adore a good story in any medium; books, life (!), TV, movies, manga, anime, Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese doramas, comics and video games.

I dreamed I’d be many different things when I grew up (still not there yet!). I often think that across the hypothetical multiverse, parallel mes are living those possibilities and thinking about me; Latimer the computer games designer, the archaeologist (I wanted to be Lara Croft), the vet and the cartoonist – they all wonder about Latimer the scientist!

Ridley and I are fan-girls above all else. As she mentions below, we both search for the ‘squee moments’ that every fan-girl does! The romances that make you think ‘ohhh, beautiful’. I think Young Adult is king of romance (full of touching moments and great characters 🙂 ).

I love Kelley Armstrong’s YA series, The Darkest Powers; Juliet Marillier’s YA Wildwood Dancing series and Tamora Pierce The Immortals. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is probably the Mother of all- the bad start is key to a good romance! Harry Potter is part of the foundations of my mind now; as is Lord of the Rings (one of the saddest most beautiful stories of love and friendship). When I’m feeling in need of a laugh though, I’ll turn to Terry Pratchett, Master of fantasy satire.  

And finally, I love music 🙂 My iPod is like mini Latimer (a part of me!)! I love listening to indie stuff; e.g. James Vincent McMorrow, Mumford and Sons, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Beirut, Emeli Sande, Beach House and Florence and the Machine.. list goes ever on and on 🙂 I also LOVE podcasts, currently of the SModCo variety.

We are striving toward something and we’ll get there eventually, so keep with us as we journey ever on and on….



Ridley is my pen name and nickname!

I’m from a medium sized town in the sunny (debatable) South East of Ireland!

I love tea and drink bucketfuls daily!

I’m a massive fan of Aardman, their jokes tickle me pink-ish.

In my free time, apart from writing, I also sketch, paint and sculpt.

I’m addicted to ice cream and Cadbury’s chocolate (Don’t leave it down, it will get eaten. You have been warned. Me and a tub of chocolate ice cream is the ultimate party and no one else is invited. I’m sure you can now picture me huddled at the bottom of a dark wardrobe with a large spoon and gleaming feral eyes. It’s a pretty sight.)

I live for ‘squee’ moments. Sounds dorty, but its not…its not! These are moments where you’re so happy, excited and in the throes of delighted disbelief that every language on earth fails you and you are only left with a type of shriek. This sound is a squee! It is universal and every girl can instinctively reach the same teeth-aching pitch.

Some of my favourite authors include Jane Austen (P&P and Persuasion especially), Tamora Pierce, J.K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Juliet Marillier, Kristen Britain, J.R Tolkien, Cassandra Clare, Trudi Canavan, Kelley Armstrong, Terry Pratchett.. To name a few!

Into the wee hours (where it’s not night but not yet morning) is my perfect time for writing. All is quiet, the world around you is asleep but the one you’re creating is awake and full of life.

That’s me. I think I’ve given you all enough fodder for one night, if you’re currently questioning my sanity, my job is done here!




It comes from the tale of the Oxford Martyrs.

Oxford is one of our favourite places in the world. It is only right that our pen name originates from a tale told there. Click into Wikipedia for the full story.

Briefly, three men, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer were tried for heresy during the reign of Queen Mary. Latimer and Ridley were burned at the stake together on the 16th of October 1555. The location is marked by a cobble stone cross in Broad Street, Oxford.

Latimer is believed to have said to Ridley: “Be of good cheer Master Ridley, for we shall this day light such a candle, as I trust by God’s grace shall never be put out.”

Their influence and names have certainly lived on. They’ve inspired many people, not just us! One day we hope to do the same-though in a different way!

What the ‘M’ stands for, we’ll let you guess….


Contact Us

If you’d like to know more about us or our work, please email us! (It will go immediately to our sorting centre, which is run by elves.)

Or you can follow us tweeting on Twitter; facing-off on Facebook, tumbling on Tumblr and Instant photo-posting on Instagram!

Or you can visit us reading on Goodreads or drawing on deviantart!



Take your pick!! 🙂

80 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Thanks a million! 🙂 Tea is the cure to everything really! Looking forward to hearing more from you, you’re so lucky to live in Norway. It’s such a fantastic country, it’s on the ‘countries to visit’ list!

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. From the sound of it, we could be best friends 😀 Love most of the authors you’ve mentioned and whilst I’m mostly focused on books, I do also love good manga / anime / K-dramas. I have to say though that after all these years, Sailor Moon is the one for me still.

    1. Stupid wordpress, your comment went into spam for some reason! Sorry about that! Thanks so much for dropping by, your blog is great! K-dramas are brilliant, which ones have you seen? The last one we watched was My Princess with the lovely Song Seung Hun! Never got to watch Sailor Moon though it does look good; Dragon Ball Z was the first anime! For both Latimer and I-we watched it at the same time when it was on television, though we didn’t know each other. R

      1. That’s pretty weird since I was responding via wp, but anyway…

        I can’t really remember the last K-drama I saw. I guess nothing beats the Firs K-drama (Hotelier with Bae Yong Jun – still my fave K actor LOL). I really really really love that one!

        OMG, you haven’t seen / read Sailor Moon?? I remember anticipating the release of the manga ages ago (oops, I think nearly 2 decades ago! yea, I’m getting on in age LOL) because I saw the preview with the Masked Tuxedo. I mean what beats a gentleman hero in a mask? I prefer the manga than the anime actually. The anime is a lot sillier than the manga. Plus there’s something about black and white drawings…

        I was never a big follower of Dragon Ball Z, unfortunately, although I have seen quite a number of episodes especially since hubby was re-watching it last year. Have you seen / read Slam Dunk? That’s a funny one. For this one, I like both manga & anime 🙂

        1. Nothing beats a gentleman hero in a mask! Definitely Haha. I started out with J-dramas, so I think my first Korean (well memorable one anyway, though I pretty certain I’m leaving something out) one was Sungkyunkwan Scandal, so not too long ago but it has a fantastic love story, check it out if you haven’t already! Latimer and I loved it! Lots of fun sqwuee worthy moments in it!
          No haven’t seen/read Slam Dunk, but I’ll check it out and let you know! Thanks for the suggestion, I’m always after the next drama/anime/manga! 🙂

  2. Tea, writing and reading are definitely my favorite things:) It’s good to find more like minds out in this world! I look forward to your adventures!

    1. Thank you! It really is fantastic to meet like-minded people! We’ll be sure to pop over to you often and see what you’re ‘brewing up’. Teehee, sorry I just couldn’t resist that one! R. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I really loved your ‘200grams’ post, very moving! We’re definitely looking forward to hearing from you more and we’ll be popping over to say hello often 🙂

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post ‘Garden Wall, Baking and Meeting the neighbours’
    I have to keep reading your work as I was so drawn to the stationery fetish comment. Since I was little, I have loved the September buying of pens and note books etc! I have a wonderful collection of note books too, don’t know if I will ever have time to fill them all!
    All the best to you both

    1. Oh I love notebooks, I’ll never use them all either, just collect them! Etsy.com is a fantastic place for a few unique ones!! Your post was lovely, I particular liked the picture of the lime and ginger cheesecake, it looked gorgeous, you must be a fantastic cook! R.

  4. Hello, thanks for stopping by. As I post this my MP3 is charging, first tune, Addicted to Love by Flo and The Machine. Sophie is reclining on the couch, it’s dreadful hot and her normally sluggish nature drops down a gear. Will follow you. Stop by again.

    1. Brilliant! Thanks a million! I love Florence and the Machine- heading to see them play in the Phoenix Park (Dublin) in 2 weeks- can’t wait! You’ve great taste in music!

  5. Hey there, you two. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you did because I have just passed a pleasant half-hour perusing yours (which is the longest I’ve been on WordPress in, like, a month!). I am not a fan of tea, but the rest–science, parallel universes, stationary, ice cream, and writing–is right up my alley. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Jeannette! What a truly lovely comment, we are very flattered! Hopefully one day when Physics allows we’ll break on through the all those parallel universes. Ridley’s practically swimming in stationary at this point, maybe one of the parallel her’s would be willing to take some off her hands!

  6. I just popped in to thank you for liking a couple of my posts on No Holds Barred. It always gives me a lift. 🙂

    And I have to say I am so impressed you’ve been working together for eight years! What a wonderful thing. I had to grin about the “cringe-worthy” comment when looking back at earlier work. I think we can all relate to that feeling! And I agree—one of the lovely things about an art is we will always be honing our craft. (Kind of like the art of being a human being, eh? We never “arrive,” are never done growing. . . .)

    1. Hi Riba, thanks so much for popping by and your lovely words!! I loved all your pictures of Mexico, the buildings are so colourful! All the reds, yellows and purple! Very different to where we live!
      Very true, there is never an end point with improving your writing, your life or the art of being a decent human, they’re all ongoing!!

  7. I saw you hanging around my blog so I wanted to stop by to say hello and to thank you for following. I’m now you newest follower. We writers need to stick together, right!?

    1. Without a doubt!! We all have similar brains, non-writer types misunderstand us after all!! 🙂
      And your blog is great, good writing tips and beautiful quills, what’s not to like!

        1. Wow! I can’t share enough words with you to tell you how happy I am to be a new follower of yours. You guys are in a word “awesome” talented (mult-) fun, clever, and without question are going to be a romp to follow. Huge kudo’s to the both of you for supporting each other in your dream and merging your talents in such a positively uplifting way. Keep being creative, I’ll keep following. 🙂

          1. Nope. Just little ol’ me. There are two on the blog you posted your comment on.That is why I think you meant the comment to go to them.

          2. Okay on the same page now, figuratively speaking. What a goofus (myself). and yes this was obvious meant for Latimer and Ridley. My most abject apologizes for the error to the three of you.

          3. This gave us a little chuckle. 🙂 Thanks a million to both of you for visiting us. Good to ‘see’ you again Robin! 🙂
            And Penny, my god what a comment, so complimentary, you had us blushing!! Thank you so much!
            On a random side note, did you know Robin, Penny has lovely insightful posts. By the way Penny, Robin’s posts are really beautiful! Just saying…. 🙂

          4. See what I mean (I’ve had my coffee so this comment is in the right place now 🙂 )! Not only talented but really cool too! Thanks for the kind words, I’ve already checked out Robins and she mine. You’re right she’s a keeper!

  8. WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life and events as I journey through my retirement years.


  9. I’m so excited that you’ve decided to follow my site. So many sqwee moments reading your bios here! But maybe the most important is that my birthday is October 16. Perhaps, O Fairies, we were meant to burn together!

    1. Hi Sandy! Your birthday is October 16th? Haha, that’s brilliant!! We’ll have to eat some cake on the day and celebrate it with you virtually! 🙂

    1. Ah thanks Somesh (Lord of the Moon- absolutely love the meaning of your name!) Really lovely to meet you too! And it was me (Ridley) who happened to wander onto your blog!

  10. I knew I’d heard the names Latimer and Ridley before, being a HUGE history geek, I think they are fabulous names to have picked. Although the questions of whether Latimer and Ridley were actually nice people is to be seen, since they were men who worked for Thomas Cromwell to find all the sins during the dissolution of the monastries. However their death was horrible and tragic.

    I loved reading your bio’s too, they were very quirky and the pictures were brilliant! Good luck with your writing! You sound enthusiastic and ethusiasm always pays off! 🙂

    1. Yay! We’re delighted to have found someone else who knows who they are! History is also a love of mine (Ridley).
      For now, we’ll skip over the fact Latimer and Ridley may not have been the best peeps during their lives- we chose them because of their tragic story at the end!
      Thanks a million for your visit. You’re too kind and your comments were brilliant! Made our day 🙂

    1. Thanks a million!! I’ve missed by bus stop before because of a good book, the panic was unbelievable, but it was worth it just to read that one more page! Haha!

  11. I love the energy of your blog and two-writer posts 🙂 I’ve never come across anything like it, and it feels like I’m chatting away with girlfriends (over a cup of tea, or course)! I look forward to reading more of your posts~~ And thanks for visiting my blog, as well :)!

    1. Thank you!! We can all have virtual tea and chats together, it’ll be fun! Haha 🙂 Really looking forward to hearing more from you and reading your posts, love your new dog Hoochoo! (and Webby is very cute too!)

  12. Dear Ladies,
    How cool are you two?!
    I’m so pleased to “know” you both.
    Blogging is such a wonderful way to meet people from all over the world!
    I look forward to many exchanges!!!
    Love, Lis

    1. Hi Lis!
      Thanks a million! I love that you think we’re cool, finally we have a bit of street cred!! Haha. Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with people, we’re been having so much fun ‘meeting’ everyone!
      We’ll be popping over to you often and saying hello! 🙂

    1. We welcome everyone here, even if you are a coffee person, haha! We’re equal opportunity bloggers!! 🙂
      I like the odd coffee too, especially of a Sunday morning, nothing like the smell wafting through the house!

    1. Rainbows and happiness 🙂

      No, its made with full fresh milk, it’s creamy, smooth chocolate and sweet, but not overly so. Light, not heavy. Say with Hersheys, to me it’s kind of greasy and has a strange after taste.
      I had Cadbury’s that was made in one of their factories in Australia and it tasted slightly differently than what you get here. Supposedly it’s due to the milk used, as the taste of the milk depends on what the cows eat. Bit like how the flavour of honey changes due to the different flowers bees visit.

  13. What a dynamic pair you are. How wonderful that you are such good friends that you write stories together – writing is usually such a lonely business!

    I’m so very glad we met up 😀

    1. Definitely glad we met up Dianne, looking forward to your future posts! 🙂
      And thanks a million for popping over and for calling us dynamic, never been called that before, we’re absolutely chuffed!!

    1. Thanks a million!! And welcome, we always love floaters, especially from Rommel’s blog, he’s brilliant!! We love to hang out there and check out his photos! 😀

  14. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! go check it out its my most recent post and I swear this isn’t spam (must look a lot like spam now that I said this) but seriously just go to my most recent post and your names there! have fun!

  15. You two sound like the perfect duo~ I really admire your story and what you’re trying to do. I only just discovered your work on deviantart and I’ve read the prologue to Legend Unleashed. I’ll admit this and be upfront with you both – I’m hooked. I adore the fantasy genre and I could tell from reading your work that there is something very special about it – don’t ask me what because I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I figure that once I am able to read more, I’ll discover what it is. Anyway, I ended up finding my way to your website and I am fascinated with your interests as writers. I’m a huge Juliet Marillier fan, so I’m sure you’ll know where I’m coming from when I say that storytelling is a gift. I’ve been eagerly hoping to find another author who would spark my interest and take me on a magical journey in the same fashion as Marillier. I believe I might have found the very thing I’ve been searching for! ^^ Thank you for sharing your gift for storytelling with us.

    1. Aw Sarah, thanks so much for your kind words!! You made our day with them! If you end up reading Legend Unleashed, do let us know what you think, we love feedback of all kinds, especially from a fellow fantasy genre lover, and a Juliet Marillier fan! 🙂 She’s such a brilliant storyteller, we know exactly what you mean! Her world and characters are expertly woven into captivating tales that are very hard to put down!

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