Christmas Reading List

Wow, Christmas is here already! How quick was that? Seems like only the other day it was Summer (such as it was here in Ireland!)!

While things wind down and we have a bit of time off, we can relax and finally gorge on… food, yes… but more importantly reading!

Reading copious amounts of books sometimes feels like eating cakes; you wolf them down and then are left thinking; ‘why did I do that?! It’s gone now!’. Of course there’s always another cake during the holidays!

With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a wee list of books we are planning on gorging on this Christmas!


Late to the game, we are both going to read Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth – you could say very up and coming – or already up and came, and we are just very late to the show!

Latimer: My understanding of this series – dystopia (buzz word at the moment, like an –omics, ha, science joke), hmm, there’s sure to be a romance in it and hmm, something about lots of factions and fighting. Okay, honestly, I might be going into this one a little blind!

Ridley: I’m looking forward to this one, the reviews have been good and it seems interesting!!

Latimer: I finally bought The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (finally because I think I have been looking at this one for years thinking ‘I must get that book’). The story is; a boy, called Nobody (I like that already), is raised in a graveyard by ghosts. That’s pretty much all I know; I’m looking forward to it! I’ve only read one Gaiman book (which was a co-authorship with Terry Pratchett; Good Omens, a very good book!). I like the humorous writing style of these two authors, so really looking forward to this book (on a side note, I really want to read Gaiman’s Sandman comics… another story that!).

Ah yes, I’m going to give Delirium by Lauren Oliver a go too… All I know; love is a disease and you can’t love people in this dystopia world (I’m not a massive dystopia fan, but seems most of my loot this year is dystopic in origin!). I absolutely hate the cover of this book (the picture is the cover I have); but that aside, I think the book sounds very interesting!

And I will finally… FINALLY read Angelfall by Susan Ee (again dystopia!), which has a massive Ridley Stamp of Approval (RSA) and therefore, I have no doubt, it will be excellent and so, you should definitely seek out this book out if you haven’t read it yet!

Ridley: And why, pray tell, is this not first on your list!? Thoroughly disgusted I am that you haven’t read this yet! (My RSAs usually have Latimer running out to grab the book-and vice versa I might add- though I know she’s been busy….publishing, editing, working, writing, sleeping, eating, drawing…PAH!) *crosses arms with a pout**

Latimer: Also plan to do a spot of manga reading if I can 🙂 (in English, not Japanese!)

Then I have to do a bit of writing (ah, more than a bit really, I’m behind on a few things! Eep! :(). And eating; currently I have located a packet of ‘Irish Shortbread Biscuits’ and am wolfing them down happily (by myself, I glare if anyone touches them!) with tea in my Moomin cup of an evening 🙂 I love Christmas… food food food… yums (we might be having a cheese board this year, I’m excited haha :))

Yes, the biscuits are shaped like shamrocks, which is a little obvious, but that’s alright they are delicious 🙂

As Christmas ticks on, we’ve been working on editing a short story we wrote; it’s called Temperance (meaning moderation and self-restraint :)) and is a moment in the past of our character, Temperance Levinthal from Legend Unleashed. It’s going to be free and we hope to have it out as soon as it’s fit to be seen! But we can share this with you (cover time…)

Temperance offical cover


Ridley: Ah Temperance, we’re working away on this little story, we hope to share it with you in the new year! Fingers crossed you like it!

And now, some of my books for this Christmas include…

Seraphina, I’ve had my eye on this one for a bit. I just love the old school, sketchy cover. I’ve been on the YA train for so long, it’ll be good to get back to my fantasy roots with this! There are dragons in this world that can shape shift into humans…intriguing, no?


Again, more fantasy, another one on my list to get, Shadow and Bone. I can’t wait!! Our friend on deviantart, mseregon, also recommended this! She gave us loads of fantastic ideas for our next book too! 

The main character is whisked off to a royal court after it’s discovered that she has dormant powers. There’s also a bit of a possible love interest in her best friend too. So yes please!

I loved the first book in this series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor, her world building is just beautiful. Prague is such a fantastic setting for her book. And there was a great mystery woven throughout it, so really looking forward to what’s going to happen in this next instalment as there was a bit of a cliff hanger in the last one. I was left going (O_O) at the end! Haha.
days of blood and starlight
In The Assassin’s Curse, there is, obviously, a curse! It forces the two main characters together. There’s a possible love triangle (i think) and better yet, pirates! How could you not want to read this? Plus the cover is beautiful. I’m a sucker for a good cover!

So finally everybody, have a lovely Christmas and New Year (if we don’t see you before then!)!

Enjoy your reading time, and let us know if you come across any book gems!!


12 thoughts on “Christmas Reading List

  1. hey! I loved Assassin’s Curse. I got it from netgalley a few months ago and had to pre-order it as soon as i was finished. I am currently trying to get Tiffany to read it. it is at her house and I told her it was amazing and I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel, the Pirate’s wish. hehe. cannot wait. and ooh ooh ooh! Shadow and bone and Seraphina were totally on my chrsitmas wishlist!! (actually, it is kind of scary how many of the books on your list I have been dying to read…lol)and Tiffany got me Shadow and bone for Christmas!! best friend EVER. (she also got me legacy of Tril and Stormdancer. I was like.. YES!) and I bought Divergent a while back.. I have no idea why i haven’t read it. I heard so many good things about it.. oh well. and I just got the Daughter of smoke and bone and days of blood and starlight. I have been dying to read them too! (I wpn the 2nd one and had to trade someone 2 FRIGGIN BOOKS for the first one. I hope it was worth it!!!) and that was… a really long comment. O.o. I am so sorry. but yeah.. read the assassin’s curse. It made me laugh. again, sorry for the length of this comment. lol. i had time on my hands to surf the internet, and, apparently write the longest comment EVER. *blushes* sorry.

    1. No need for apologies, long comments are brilliant!!! 😀 They’re the best kind! Haha. Let me know what you think of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I thought it was really good-Latimer has my copy, I’m getting her to read that too. I’m also making sure everyone I ever talk to is reading Angelfall by Susan Ee! Get that if you get a chance, Ryan, you won’t regret it!! They’re making it into a movie as well now. Tiffany, got you Shadow and Bone? Best present ever!!
      Now I’m off to continue Assassin’s Curse! 😀 R.

      1. I have Angelfall on my to read list. It’s that good, huh? well I guess I will just have to check it out. 😀 they are making all the books into movies this year. O.o I have to read all teh series before the movies come out and ruin the books before I can read them! let me know how you like Assassin’s curse. 🙂

  2. Quote M.Latimer-Ridley: “Wow, Christmas is here already! How quick was that? Seems like only the other day it was Summer (such as it was here in Ireland!)!” – I was told, today, that there are still kind of summery temperatures, at least in Dublin… No wonder that you’ve nearly missed Christmas!

    I have seen a video with Neil Gaiman talking to a group of art students, once, and was thrilled by how inspiring that was! I also loved “Good Omens” (like all books I’ve read that involved Terry Pratchett) and now it feel like I should get one of Neil’s books, also. If his books are as inspiring as his speech it is a must read!

    Not that I just haven’t ordered a bunch of books, already – and won one, also…

    So my list goes from a book about the pilgrimage of a German comedian on the Camino de Santiago (Hape Kerkeling: I’m Off Then – extremly worth reading with a lovely sense of authenticity and humour) over Legend Unleashed (and I am very excited to start), a Hamburg city guide showing special corners of my hometown so that I can learn a bit more about the place where I currently live, two Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett (Wee Free Men & Mort – I know them both in German, but this time I’ll go for the English version), a book about near death experiences (Dr. Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven) to a book about Beatrix Potter and her connection to Scotland plus The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (yes, I made it true and ordered them). And maybe I’ll add something from Neil, later.

    I don’t know if that sounds like a super cool reading list but I am looking forward to dive in. (And being cool is overrated, anyways…) 😉

    Have a wonderful holiday week!

    1. Ah Terry Pratchett, what a fantastic writer!! Your list is brilliant, really different books too and all of them quite interesting as well. I might have a look at the about Hape Kerkeling! It’s always great to learn about new people and get their perspective on life, especially when they’re travelling. Also it’s impressive you got a book about your home town, so many of us travel abroad and see lots of foreign lands and never take the time to actually learn about the place in which we live!! 😀
      Hope you’re having a great holiday!!

      1. Terry’s books are just the right medicine at any time – even when you feel completely healthy it makes you feel still better!

        I am finding Hape’s book fonderfully inspiring and always loved his kind of humour (which often was ahead of it’s time). When I saw that there is an English translation I was absolutely thrilled as many of my friends are more familiar with this language than with German. And it is a fabolous translation, too!

        The Hamburg City Guide – well, as mentioned, before, my partner is not from here. And now a friend from South Africa is also planning for a visit at some point. A situation like this reminds you of how less you really know about your home – especially as I live in a big city and many things changed during the recent years. Time to catch up on that!

        These holidays are very insightful for me (which is a good thing), thanks! Hope you are enjoying your’s as well!

  3. Great post ladies!
    I noticed your own book amongst the pile of things to devour. Crafty! 😉 haha.
    I have Seraphina, Divergent and Angelfall to read too. They all look to be good books.
    Yay. Your short story is now out I’ve noticed.
    You two do make me laugh!
    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas, New Year and reading etc etc!

    1. Bahaha, I just noticed it there, Latimer took the picture with the book pile!! Crafty indeed!! 😀
      Just finished Seraphina, really liked it!! I love dragons, but I can never find loads of books with them in it, I really liked how they were portrayed in this one. Angelfall is still currently my favourite of 2012 though!
      Christmas and New Years were filled with reading and writing, so lots of enjoyment there 😀 Hope yours was good too?

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