Legend Unleashed

Legend Unleashed: Book 1 in the Keeping Secret Series

Back cover Blurb:

Temperance Levinthal is in danger. She’s been dragged in Alastair Byron’s deadly world. Before she met him, everything was normal. Now she’s fleeing from werewolves, fighting wizards and finding that some secrets are best left untold.



When an infamous criminal is unleashed from his prison, it has consequences for everyone in Carwick. Temperance Levinthal in particular…

Temperance is satisfied with her ordinary life. Dealing with her eccentric, childlike parents is all the excitement she needs. That changes when Alastair Byron returns home.
After a failed matchmaking attempt by her father, sparks fly between her and Alastair-just not the good kind.
They are forced together though, when they are implicated in a grisly murder. Their search for the truth leads them to a secret world beneath Carwick, filled with werewolves, wizards and other magical faey.
However, uncovering the truth is far more dangerous than they’d ever imagined.
There are secrets within secrets.
Even Alastair may be more than he seems…
Book Trailer:
Sample chapters:
Author: M. Latimer-Ridley
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E-book: Amazon US
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Legend Unleashed Short Book Trailer:
       “A hard to put down book that you really wish wouldn’t end.” My Cozie Corner
        “…it’s quirky, original and everything that I adore so for me this is the werewolf book I’ve been looking for, this is exactly what I want a book to do.”


4 Star Review, with an author interview included

     “This fast-paced tale easily captured my imagination, and I read quickly in order to find out what would happen next.” Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews
“This book will definitely keep you in suspense. Usually you get either a Paranormal or a Mystery with your romance. This book does a great job of combining the three.” My Reading Addiction
 “I was so engaged, I only stopped reading because my kindle battery died.” fuonlyknew
 “The plot of the story is very original and I loved the different storylines and how they all effortlessly flowed together.” A Dream Within A Dream
3 Star Reviewgot to include all the stars for balanced decision making!!
        “This was an okay read, it was fantastically written, but the “werewolf” thing I didn’t like.” Read Review Smile
“What is it about dragons you love so much?”
          “Ridley: How could you not love them? They’re terrifying and beautiful all at the same time! One of the best fantasy creatures ever!
           Latimer: Could we make a werewolf-dragon? No, *thinking*… wait… that would basically be Falkor from The Neverending Story, wouldn’t it? Oh, I love him!”
“Were any of your characters based on anyone you know in real life?”
           “Latimer:  Not directly no.  But aspects of characters can probably be found in ourselves and people we know, but probably due to us drawing on what we know ourselves, more than anything conscious.
           Ridley:  We just take little pieces from everyone and anyone we’ve ever met and made patchwork people! :D”
        “What’s the hardest part of the writing process?”
        “Latimer: Editing! It’s like entering into a dungeon with no torch … there’s always something to trip you up in the dark…”
Legend Unleashed
Character sketches for Temperance and Alastair (Legend Unleashed by MLR). Artwork by palnk
Character sketches for Temperance and Alastair (Legend Unleashed by MLR). Artwork by palnk

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    1. Hi Rommel! Thanks for popping over 😀 congrats again on reaching your 200th post! You can get the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!
      It would be interesting alright to have the book as a video. One day perhaps! 😀

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