Tickle Me Pinkish


Ridley: There are some really fantastic, skilled people on youtube, whether they’re online for their animation, their comedy, their music or just to share their opinions, there’s something there for everyone. Two of my favourite youtubers that I said I’d share with you are Domics (Lat likes him too, actually she was the one who originally discovered him) and Communitychannel.

Domics is an animator and is quite funny with interesting stories told in his minimalist style of animation. It’s the expressions that he puts on his characters that are the best, I love watching his videos! Bitches Be Crazy is just a brilliant song too, kinda strangely catchy and I laugh at the funny arm dances in it each and every time.


Communitychannel is an Australian girl who is absolutely hilarious and tickles me pinkish with her random, fairly nerdy (at times) jokes! Her video, ‘Be my Friend’ could just totally be me.

It’s kinda strange when you think about it though. That you sit down in the evening and watch total strangers put up videos from their bedrooms, and you start looking forward to their new releases like any new episode of your favourite show. The power and reach technology and the internet has given us all is mind boggling really!

4 thoughts on “Tickle Me Pinkish

  1. Communtiychannel is brilliant. Been watching it for years, it’s like she stole the thoughts inside my head and put them on YouTube.

    1. I know, that’s exactly how I feel most of the time I’m watching her videos! You’re just like “I do that too!!” or “I’m always thinking that!”. I originally discovered her stuff a few years ago due to her Lonely Planet videos. They were great!

  2. Alright you two. I think you could do a weekly show yourselves! I’d subscribe!
    Thanks for these. I’m following both now.
    Community Channel slew me with her glib, politically incorrectness! I love her.
    And those dance moves and the arms pumping on Domics was hilarious. When the girl was shakin her booty I laughed the most.

    1. Aah, thanks Laura!! I duno what we’d talk about if we had a weekly show, but it’s fantastic to know we’d have at least one person watching us!! 😀
      Both Communitychannel and Domics just crack me up, so funny, really glad they tickled you pink too! Love to spread the laughter 🙂

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