Happy Stomach Exploding Day!

Ridley: Or as it’s more commonly known by everyone else, Pancake Tuesday!

After Christmas and before Easter it’s my favourite ever food day! Where you eat and eat the same delicious thing until it really does feel like your stomach could burst-no fast movements now!

It never ceases to amaze me how many different ways people can eat them really, the various toppings, sauces, foods and things that are put on pancakes here.

1. Lyle’s Golden syrup from the tin (or lions as I always end up calling it) is the most popular topping here. So much so when we popped to the shop after realising we were completely out of it at home, we found out so were the three big supermarkets in town! Not a single tin was left on the shelf! We were disappointed to say the least (and no, it didn’t matter that we already had lemon juice, Nutella, ice cream and strawberries to choose from! What are you the toppings police?)

Lyle’s is the proper topping to use in my opinion. It’s sweet, gooey and thick. We tried Maple syrup before, while that was okay, it seemed almost runny compared to the Lyle’s, we weren’t converted!

2. Nutella is another popular option; Ferrero Rocher centre in a jar! There is a restaurant called Lemon is Dublin that do these particularly well (not that there’s much skill in putting chocolate spread on a crepe in my eyes, for me you’ll get it right if it’s lathered on, nice and thick!) This option always feels European to me and kind of Christmas-y. Mainly because I’ve been to both Germany and Italy around Christmas and there’s always some little street vendor selling hot Nutella crepes. Gorgeous! Especially if it’s a cold day!

3. Lemon and sugar is old school. What parents and grandparents will favour if they’re not into the ole Lyle’s golden. Sweet and sour! They’ll squeeze lemon juice all over the pancake, sprinkle it with white sugar and eat it happily. Seems a bit bland and unexciting to me, but to each their own!

4. Ice Cream and a hot pancake, says it all. There are numerous options, it could be plain vanilla or an exciting Ben&Jerry’s combo. There could also be sprinkles or chocolate sauce involved in this one. Adding ice cream is generally for the people who like to indulge. They’re the Nutella crepe eaters taking it that one step further. Hats off to them!

5. Fruit for the slightly healthier pancake eaters, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, you name it and I’m sure someone’s eating it!

6. Butter was another option I heard today. While the reaction to that was generally a disgusted ‘Eww’ and it doesn’t seem to be at all that popular, it must be a topping somewhere. Notice all the pancakes that pop up on google images when you search, there’s a nob of butter on most of them. Though I’ve never had butter and pancakes in my life! 

7. Then there’s the savoury options, of which there are loads! Adding in sausages, chicken, beef, cheese and mushroom, stir fry. The list is endless and just depends on the taste buds, who are your buddies!

It doesn’t matter what you layer them up with though, pancake’s are the tastiest of foods! If anyone remembers Sabrina the Teenage witch, they even had an episode where people were addicted to pancakes in ‘the other realm!’ It was a problem

So the one question I leave you with as this years flour-y pancake Tuesday draws to a close, how do you eat yours?