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A podcast with Karen and Rachel, two Irish girls and best friends, who chat about all things books, including their latest favourite reads, and recommended authors.

Also get to know us better by listening to our minisodes, short episodes in between the main book review chats where we discuss all things random, whether it’s movies, shows, scientific facts to anime and Asian dramas, who knows what we’ll come up with, but hopefully you’ll find something to tickle your fancy!

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Ep 8: Encanto What's the Story?

Let's face it, who doesn't really love Disney? We got side tracked in this one, chatting away about Disney in general, but mostly we were all about their new film Encanto, even better we watched it over the Christmas holidays (burning fire, sleep-ins with no work, chocolates), so that just added to the feel good vibes!The Madrigals seem like a cool family, living in the mountains in Colombia and using their magic willy nilly. One day we'd like to grow up to be a Madrigal, wouldn't you? 
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