2020 A YEAR OF….

Impossibilities for one!

Impossible things have happened this year. A horrible pandemic that has caused the world to come to a standstill seemed unbelievable this time last year. Well unless you watched the eerily similar movie Contagion, then you knew this could happen, but did you ever think it actually would?

I’ve been trying to take some positives from it all though.

Such as, if impossible bad things can happen, surely so can impossible good things? (I’m starting to sound a bit like Alice, heading down a rabbit hole! All I’ll need is to meet the Mad Hatter and my transition is complete)

So what sort of impossible good thing? Anything, think of something you always thought could never happen, and now ask yourself, why not?

The universe owes us some impossible good to balance out the impossible bad!

For us (Lat and Ridders), maybe an impossible thing is that more people will notice and like our books. That one day we will be able to sit at home full time, surrounded by pretty stationary and write for a living. Others have done it, why not us?

If you wander over to this site, you’ll find that we will be updating it regularly enough with our stories and books and ramblings, in the hope that maybe one day we will make our impossible possible.

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