Unbroken Ties is Out!

Unbroken_Ties_DEVIANTARTIt’s here!!

Our new book, Unbroken Ties is now available! It is the second book in our Keeping Secret series. It’s been published in paperback and ebook format. You can get it from Amazon and Smashwords at the moment, with Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony and Kobo all soon to follow!

We just want to take this time to thank every single person for sticking with us, for all the supportive messages, for asking about the sequel to Legend Unleashed, and for waiting so patiently for it to appear! Our dedication comes straight from the heart, and hopefully says it all for us:

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For those of you who haven’t read the first book, Legend Unleashed, check it out here.


And here’s the book trailer for the first book to wet your appetite:

19 thoughts on “Unbroken Ties is Out!

  1. Congrats guys! I really enjoyed the book, I still need to form my thoughts as a few bits sadly disappointed/confused, but I think that’s because I loved the first book so much and some of the characters frustrated me in this one. Still, it was a great addition to the series!

    1. Thanks for reading it, Livvy! Really glad you enjoyed it! Once you think on it, let us know what you decide on what bits weren’t on target, we can go forward with the pointers and take them into account for future books!

      1. Yes, I almost certainly will. I’ll be composing a review at some point, or would you prefer an email with my points that I can pinpoint for you specifically? And is the next book in the series going to be following different characters?

        1. A review is perfect! Thanks Livvy. Yep, the next book is with different characters, it’s in the same world and some questions that may have still been left unanswered in the Temperance books will all be tied up in later books.

  2. Aaaaaaaahhh!!!!!! Really, girls. Can’t I even go on an extended summer break without missing something?!


    I have to go, now, and order your book!

    Much love,

      1. Hej! … errr … Ridley?

        No worries about the emailing. Take your time. It’s supposed to be a nourishing exchange and not an obligation to fit in. 🙂 As long as it is all happy business for you I am happy too!
        Wow, you are already editing part three and all! So cool. (Unbroken Ties is ordered and on the way, btw.)
        My summer has been busy, too. Just more with inner journeys and adventures. 😉 So, no exciting holiday trips or relocations, here.

        – Kim is just coming in and says “Hi”! –

        Much love and enjoy your adventures!

        1. Erstaunlich! 🙂 How’d you know it was me! (Ridley) Or was it just a good guess? 😀
          Of course it’s a happy business for us, our emails are fun to send and receive, it’s in no way an obligation, i just felt bad we hadn’t gotten back to you yet! But we will!
          Aw and thank you for your support in reading the book, we really hope you and Kim like it (Hi to him from us too!!)

          1. Actually I did not doubt the happy part regarding our emails. My mistake, I did not write it correctly. I meant your being busy with stuff and that I hope it is a happy “busy”. 😉 (Please don’t feel bad!! All is well. Really.)
            Ich wusste das Du es bist Ridley, weil ich es fühlen kann. It’s a mystery. (and a talent).
            We are both looking forward to read the book and are very curious how the story continues. I would jump up and down, too, but that would mess up my typing.

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