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Latimer: I used to be a pretty big Doctor Who fan back in the David Tennant days. I really loved the show. I loved Rose and the 10th Doctor’s relationship.

I watched religiously up until Rose left; I was heartbroken, I cried (seriously cried).


For me, for a time, Doctor Who was the best show ever. After Rose left, I hung on for a while, with Martha and Donna; then when Rose returned for a while, I was right in the thick of it again.

When David Tennant left, I bowed out of Doctor Who.

I didn’t want you to go either!

I didn’t really understand what it meant before, but everyone has ‘their’ Doctor. When the new guy comes, you kind of get repealed, thinking ‘that’s not him, it’s not him!’, and you get annoyed when the show goes on and forgets ‘your’ doctor, and you have to leave to heal and get over the loss of a friend.

You find yourself watching the show from the side-lines and you start to get further and further away, until you’re just not watching anymore.

Then you pop back for the anniversary special. You pop back because of old friends, because of your Doctor.


I have nothing against Matt Smith, or Amy Pond, or Clara; they just weren’t mine.

I found myself popping back out of curiosity, for the new Doctor’s appearance this weekend. And, I really felt for the 11th Doctor’s generation of Whovians.

The whole first episode was about coming to terms with the new Doctor, who is older and Scottish. I didn’t understand why they picked such an older actor, but I assumed they had their reasons. I didn’t feel strongly about the decision, just curious to why they’d shifted so much.

The first episode seemed to be all about making Clara feel bad for not liking the new Doctor because he was older. And it felt a bit like Clara was representing the audience in a sense. But last time, I couldn’t jump on board with Matt Smith, because he wasn’t my Doctor (regardless of his youth and attractiveness).

But well, Capaldi seems like he’ll be an interesting Doctor, he’s more brooding and intense than the other Doctors seemed to be. It looks like the character is potentially getting darker, which is interesting.

I do still feel sorry for the 11th Doctors followers, because it really does hurt to lose your Doctor. I’m still not back on board, and I’m not sure I ever will be. I still miss the 10th Doctor and Rose 🙁

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  1. I have to admit, I am still not over David Tennant leaving. I did watch Matt Smith and grew to like him, but David Tennant I fear will always be my doctor. I do honestly not really like Clara that much, so I am ready for a new assistant. I have not yet watched the Capaldi first episode, but I have it taped. I am not sure how I will feel.

    1. Yeah, I’m not over David. Maybe I needed a gap of one Doctor! The Capaldi episode was pretty good. Still not sure I can go back to Who, but it seems like they are going in a new direction that could be interesting – not sure when Clara will leave though, she’s still on the TARDIS!!

  2. Interestingly I got into Who with Tennant and Martha but my Doctor is Smith! Is that odd?

    Capaldi is, I think, going to be mostly cosmetic change (which I think the episode confirmed by making so much of his age). I hope that he is a bit darker and a bit more brooding, but I don’t think we’re in for a completely different Doctor.

    But I still think you missed out by skipping Smith…

  3. Ridley: I cried too, especially during the Bad Wolf bay scenes, oh god but that was heartbreaking!! Some of the best episodes of that show was during the time of Rose Tyler. So many wonderful moments!

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