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london_2423609bRidley: I wandered over to London for the weekend. That’s my news. You know, I love the hustle and bustle over there, the different types of people you see, the numerous niche shops that would whither and die in Dublin, the abundant restaurants to eat tasty food in (most especially the Krispy Kreme doughnut stands)krispyand of course, the tube. I keep calling it the subway, or the underground, which marks me out as an outer towner, or so I’ve been told, but I can’t help feeling a small sense of pride that I have an Oyster card (which is just a card you top up and scan at the ticket barrier. I know how to use it though)download and I am no longer completely befuddled by their map filled with colourful lines, hoops and loops.tube_map I know how to get to Victoria station (among so many other places, but I mention here as this is where I get my Krispy Kremes 😀 ), how to make my way to Oxford street for a bit of shopping, I’ve braved the tube at rush hour, I’ve caught the last train at half twelve at night and I’ve seen what it’s like when there’s a problem with one of the lines and trains aren’t running (there was just people, people, so many people everywhere!!). I loved it all!

Now apart from some mild shopping, and numerous happy tube trips (where i people watched, I just love people watching!) I went, for the second time, to a show (the first time was when Latimer and I saw Wicked during the summer in the Apollo, so so good!). This time I went to see We Will Rock You, which is the Queen musical.images

Now, you mightn’t know this, but Queen is my favourite band. Their songs and tapes were played quite often in my house when I was younger, even at eight or nine I remember singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and knowing all of the words, so to go to this musical was the next best thing I’ll ever get to actually seeing Queen in concert (and we know this won’t ever happen. Poor Freddie)220px-WeWillRockYouDominion

Now I’ll start this off by saying the actual storyline wasn’t great, but you just have to suspend your disbelief, turn off your brain and just let the music flow. The story is basically about an universe where the only type of music that is created now is synthetic, everything is ruled by the Globalsoft corporation. Instruments are banned and have become things of legend, everyone wears the same clothes, they act the same way and they listen to the same type of music.WWRY_RadioGaga_690x345 As it’s technically a love story, you of course then have a boy and a girl who don’t conform to society’s expectations, they’re ‘different’ and they seem to have an inherent need and love for rock and roll, which they seek out.scaramouche-01 we-will-rock-you_9 I won’t go into it any more, but saying that it was all fairly predictable means you can probably guess what happens but my god were the actors absolutely fantastic singers. They managed to fit in so many of the songs, even Fat Bottom Girls! It has to be one of the best, most fun shows I’ve ever been at. Towards the end of it we were all singing along, clapping, waving our arms in the air, and not to mention there being a small bit of long hair swinging (the more female version of head banging, of course)1279-we_will_rock_you-banner We-Will-Rock-You--001

If you get a chance you should check out this show, we got cheap enough last minute evening tickets, so it was all very reasonable. The only thing that would have made it better was if I’d had a doughnut at it. 😀

3 thoughts on “London Will Rock You

  1. This sounds like a fun trip, indeed!

    I wouldn’t call myself a Queen fan (not the opposite, either!), so the music alone could probably not get me to see We Will Rock You. Yet, the energy of the actors must be awesome – at least that’s what I saw in the flicks and peaces shown on TV and, your report sounds like a lot of fun. So, maybe, should I get the chance… 😀

    So, you mastered the tube!
    My first (and up to date last) visit to London was 25 years ago – and I remember that we were very befuddled by the map at the tube (which I call “underground” – I am so not from the Isles!). – London is a great city, though!

    Much love to you and Latimer,

    1. The tube does take some time to master, I’d say I’m still at apprentice level though! 😀
      Definitely if you get a chance, pop over to London and see a show, even if it isn’t We Will Rock You, there’s so many on offer and it’s just a fantastic experience!
      How’s married life treating both you and Kim? Well we hope!! 🙂

      1. Kim and I actually considered to see Wicked when we traveled the UK in 2012 – but then our route lead us on a different path with other stories to tell. (Not that Hamburg does not have great shows, too!)

        Married life is treating us very well, thank you!

        Much love!

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