The Reality of Procrastinating

ID-10080260Ridley: I wouldn’t watch much television to be honest. When I say this, I do watch shows, but it would be more on netflix when I have nothing else pressing, rather than just randomly sitting down in front of the television every night. However, Sundays can often be my day to watch what I call ‘car crash television’, I get sucked into watching reality shows that teach me nothing, in fact my precious (and rapidly dwindling by the year) brain cells probably slowly decay the longer I sit there. It can’t be helped though, sometimes it’s like I can’t look away, or close my gaping mouth. I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one, as these shows are still on and seem extremely popular. So I said I’d share some of my favourites (as you do).

Deadliest Catchdownload

Basically this show follows fishermen on the Bering Sea catching king crabs. Most of my friends and family think each episode looks identical to the next one. There’s the sea, crabs and a boat, and they keep catching the crabs or they don’t. But to be honest, I find this show quite addictive. images (1)I have favourite Captains and I love how the camera skips from boat to boat, seeing how they’re each getting on with their haul, it’s quite unpredictable (and dangerous), you never know what the sea is going to do.

Ducks Dynastyduck-dynasty-season-31

Of all the mad shows I watch, this is my all time favourite. It’s about this Louisiana bayo family who have made it big, they’re millionaires from making duck calls for hunters. It’s the ultimate rags-to-riches story, where their business was started in the family shed. They are the most unconventional company ever, where the whole extended family, and most of their neighbourhood, has been employed by the business. The antics and the madness they get up to often have me in stitches. Uncle Si is my favourite of the family, the lines that randomly come out of him are just

All the Inks, from L.A Ink, Miami Ink, London Ink, NY ink.


I watch all the ink shows, basically its a reality show where people get tattoos from absolutely epic artists. I’ve always wished I looked like Kat Von D, she’s very cool.kat-von-d-photos

I love the display of artistic talent and the unusual images that people decide to get. I also come away with a massive desire to get a tattoo myself, but I can never decide on an image, that, and I usually like to avoid pain – I’m not a fan.

Ice Road Truckersice_road_truckers_ver4_xlg

This is another show a bit like Deadliest Catch, where the job is really dangerous. I think I like these as I can’t imagine myself ever having enough courage to be able to this type of work myself, or how you’d mentally be able to go about doing it. Night time driving, blizzards, freezing temperatures and roads literally made of ice, not to mention the massive expensive tons of gear you’re huge truck is transporting from one town to the (1) Anything can happen, and does!

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (which is an off shoot of Toddlers & Tiaras)Here_Comes_Honey_BooBoo_title_card

These shows, I just watch them with my mouth hanging open and I randomly shake my head. Toddlers and Tiaras is basically all these kids who do pageants and try to win titles by dressing up to the nines with make up, glitzy dresses, swim wear and costumes.Toddlers-Tiaras-Moms-Get-Makeover-on-The-Anderson-Cooper-Show-2

I was originally going to say we don’t really have these sort of events in Ireland, but actually the first ever one was held last weekend. Mind, it’s not nearly as popular here as it is in the U.S.

Now, as one of the kids who was a star in T&T, Honey Boo Boo obviously caught a producers eye somewhere along the way with her sassiness, so she and her family got their own spin off show.tumblr_m4p59qtz9m1rph6hnA3w9UGhCUAA6PtE-550x305

I think most of her relatives (and herself) are all hyped up on sugar (actually more than likely as they drink this juice, called Go Go Juice, which is made up of Mountain Dew and Red Bull! My heart is just racing thinking about it). It’s just mental to watch them.

Now you know what Ridley does when she’s feeling bored and rebelling against doing any actual work. You know you all do it! 😀 Amazing that I managed to do a blog post about the things that almost prevented me from doing the post in the first place! Teehee.

2 thoughts on “The Reality of Procrastinating

  1. That whole Toddlers and Tiaras fad always makes a shiver run up my spine whenever I see it. If adults want to do reality television then fine but kids doing it makes me wince. Therapy is going to be expensive later in life.

    I heard about the one in Ireland, They ended up in the beer garden of a pub after the hotel backed out, I think I read somewhere that about 20 people showed up….kind of like Sunday mass.

    I do watch Storage Wars when I am bored, people sifting through junk to see if they can find something valuable, the stuff they find can be hilarious sometimes, a box filled with various glass eyeballs for example, now that’s 21 century entertainment right there.

    1. Ah yes, Storage Wars, I’ve seen that one, some of the stuff they find is mad, and then there’s Pawn Stars, which is kinda similar. There’s almost too many of them to keep up with! Mind Toddlers and Tiaras and Honey Boo Boo are the most disturbing of all of them.

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