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Latimer and Ridley are off on a wintry adventure!! :)
Latimer and Ridley are off on a wintry adventure!! 🙂
Latimer and Ridley are wrapping up warm this December (got cool new winter fashion and everything!).We’re leaving our internet camp to go trekking across the webs to visit other blogs! HUZZAH!
We’ll have guest posts, promotions, interviews and reviews. It will to be interesting! We’ll make new friends, say hello to people and (terrifyingly) find out what people think of ‘The Book’.
If you won’t get a chance to wander with us, make sure to stay tuned here anyway, as we’ll have our own little give away! Yay, free things! 😀 They’ll be purdy things too, even we don’t own these yet, though we want to!
Virtual Book Tour December 1 – December 15
December 1 – Reading Addiction Blog Tours – Meet and Greet
December 2 – Paulette’s Papers – Guest Post/PROMO
December 3 – My Cozie Corner Review
December 4 – Little Book Star – PROMO
December 5 – Read Review Smile – Review
December 6 – Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Review/Interview
December 7 – Pure Textuality – Guest Post/PROMO
December 8 – Fuonlyknew – Review/PROMO (Thank you to Laura for having us and letting us do a giveaway! :))
December 10 – A Dream Within a Dream – Review
December 11 – Magical Manuscripts – Review
December 12 – Rolling With the Moments
December 15 – James T Kelly – Interview (Thank you to James for letting us gate-crash his blog for an interview!)
December 17- Magical Manuscript Interview – Interview (Return to Magical Manuscripts for a belated interview – thank you to Sandy for having us again! Hope we didn’t wreck the place :))
If you’ve just tuned in and don’t know what the fudge we’re going on about; what is this ‘The Book’? Why must you warble on so?
Well here’s a quick introduction:
Now go here to read the first few chapters! If you’re still interested! 😀

5 thoughts on “Internet Hiking

  1. Drat! I didn’t know there was a tour! Would have loved to be part of it. I’ll make sure to have my review up soon to coincide with this! Wish ya’ll a huge success. Have fun!

    1. Thanks so much for the best wishes Laura!! Have to say, you’ve been so supportive, you’re absolutely fantastic! We really appreciate it!
      Sorry about not telling you about the tour! If we’d know you were interested in being part of it, you would have been our first port of call!! 😀 We were wondering though, would you be interested in a few free ebooks of Legend Unleashed as a giveaway on your site?

      1. Absolutely! I was thinking of doing my review in the gap in your tour, the 8th or 9th? Unless there is a reason for it? Here is my email: laurathomas61(at)att(dot)net if it’s easier to chat that way.
        Loved your novel and it would fit nicely on fuonlyknew. Also, I’m all for supporting and promoting authors!

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