Z is for… Zombies!

In which Latimer really scares herself… right before bedtime!

Latimer: I’ve been thinking about going back and watching The Walking Dead.

I gave up after series one. With only a few series really holding my interest at the moment, I am contemplating returning to Rick Grimes’ grim world!

I have to out-and-out say I’m not a person who has a plan for the zombie attack and they scare the crap out of me!

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America made a zombie apocalypse post (it was really what to do during disease outbreaks, but with zombies for fun). LINK

The reason I don’t have a plan, is because, I’m convinced I wouldn’t survive. I’d probably be eaten/infected during the initial outbreak, or by some strange chance I’d survive and just waste away (because I’d be too afraid to run). I’d hole up in an apartment somewhere, too scared to move and bemoaning the lack of internet while the zombies gather. And if they are like the World War Z ones… well I’d never have made it to the apartment (FACT).

Zombies seem to be everywhere at the moment.

I’m really looking forward to this Warm Bodies movie…. It has to be the most interesting take on the zombie genre:

I remember watching zombie/outbreak movies when I was very young.

I watched one about a disease that killed everyone in the world, bar a tiny group of people (it had something to do with the Devil I think? Argh, I can’t remember – I must have blocked it out).

At one point they walked into a shop and just started eating all the sweets and junk. And I remember thinking to my young self, ‘God! That’s great! I could eat all the jellys and crisps I want!’

Ha, though in reality, the whole thought scared me so much! Even now, the idea of a disease outbreak – argh, it’s just too scary! And yet… I still wanna watch The Walking Dead! And I still watch scary computer game trailers…

I remember also watching Tremors… okay not zombies, but the same idea (oh god that movie… you know it’s actually a dark comedy? Hard to laugh though, when your like, 6yrs old!); it really, really scared me!


I couldn’t walk on the ground for ages. And I would constantly think; ‘if I need to get upstairs, can I do it without walking on the ground?’

And I would actually play this game; ‘get to the other side of the room without touching the ground’ (yep… back then I had a plan for the Tremors monsters, but not anymore… now I’d be like ‘take me! It’s not worth it!’).

The survival plan tends to disappear as the years go on!

I mean, do you ever wonder…? What would you do in the zombie attack? Hopefully they are like the Warm Bodies zombies and not The Walking Dead ones!

And then again, hopefully it NEVER happens!

11 thoughts on “Z is for… Zombies!

  1. I recently watched the trailer for World War Z, too, and that pretty much scrapped any survival plans I had – if those are the zombies I’m facing, I think it’s a done deal. Terrifying…but I also can’t wait to see the movie. 🙂 Warm Bodies looks good, too, and I keep thinking I should watch The Walking Dead, but I’m a wimp.

  2. Ridley: So…you have no zombie survival plan, Lat? Tut,tut, disappointed I am! You can hop on mine, no dead weights though, you’ll have to believe you’ll survive and run fast depending on the type of zombie it ends up being! I’m still in the ‘working out the kinks’ stage of the plan, but I picture myself turning into a Rambo type figure. I’m going to have a baseball bat and possibly a crossbow strapped to my back (that’s subject to change as I don’t know how to use one). Personally, ‘I am Legend’ was one of the best zombie films I’ve seen, now they would be horrible zombies to try and escape from, and I loved Shaun of the Dead.
    Funny you should mention The Walking Dead, the brother told me to watch it at the weekend, he said he used our ‘5 episode’ rule and it worked (I was so proud! Though I don’t ever remember telling him about the rule!!) and now he’s hooked on the show, he’s caught up to the most recent episodes. I’m tempted to watch!
    Ah, Tremors, funny how literally just over the road there was another little girl playing that exact game (me, if you didn’t get that-mwhaaa….), cushions were lifesavers!!

      1. Latimer: I know you have no plan! No… wait… was your plan, ‘get a helicopter and go out and land on the sea?’ (or was that a plan for something else?
        Ah, we’d have no internet… what would we do?! What would be the point! I’d die of boredom!
        Season one of Walking Dead was good, it’s just all very depressing, I think I just forgot and went and watched Game of Thrones… much like Angelfall, one of us hasn’t watched it!
        Ha, I was thinking ‘has Ridley watched Tremors?’!
        Don’t touch the ground!!! Ahhh!!

        1. Ridley: My ‘helicopter that can land on water’ plan is a separate one. That’s for when we have ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ scenario. I just need to learn to fly it, save up to buy the plane, stock it up and wait…
          You’ll want a seat, despite your scoffing, so I shall keep you one! 😛
          Though things would be rather depressing without any internet, or food!

    1. It looks pretty amazing (and scary!) doesn’t it! Cool to see Brad Pitt in a zombie movie! I think you are right Laura, we need to make some powerful friends! With tanks and helicopters! (Ridley can learn how to fly them!) 🙂

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