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Latimer and Ridley: So we’re done, it’s out!

What’s out you asked? Our book, Legend Unleashed! We’ve pushed the button!

It’s available now, as an e-book, see the links below if you’re interested!

The paperback will follow on soon enough, we’re just waiting on the proof copy to arrive in the post so we can look over it and make sure there are no issues.

It’s been such a steep learning curve, but really worth it! It was fantastic that we had full control over every part of the process. It’s also been hard work though, with long hours put in and full ‘bookwork’ weekends, so don’t let anyone fool you into thinking self-publishing is an easy task! We finished writing the book many many many months ago. In the time since we’d typed ‘the end’, we’ve spent the rest of our days editing, agonising, formatting, fist shaking, commissioning our cover design, smiling, book trailers, grinning and that was just the start!

In the past, we’ve been asked how the two of go about writing a book together (we’re also fascinated by how other writing duos work together, so we love these explanations. Skip down through this part if you don’t care though!!) We always start with a single idea, whether it’s a scene, a ‘what if’ scenario, or a character. We seem to have plenty of these knocking around! More often than not, it’s a character. After this comes the fun part, world building! We love this, picking character names, places and plotting the story.

We let our imaginations run free scribbling it all down on an A4 pad as we sip on endless cups of tea; what would happen if we…? If he did this….? If she went there…? Wouldn’t it be great if…? If you read this part, what would you want him to do…? It’s the ultimate freedom, we just run wild! After this, we tease out any issues, then we divide them into chapter summaries. Each summary has bullet points, information taken from the plot and any extras we think of as we’re going along, with exactly what we need to have happen. Then these summaries get divided out, we get two chapters each at a time and usually one of us starts the book and the other ends it. This gives us the chance to experience at least part of the book as readers, rather than just the authors. We give each other constant feedback after each chapter stint. In this way, we’ve written six books together, Legend Unleashed is our fifth book and the most polished. So we decided to bite the bullet and self-publish it.

So far it’s been a great decision! Has it been the same for others who have followed the same path? We’d love to hear their tales!

We’re staring into the dark void, not knowing what’s to come, but either way we look forward to what the future might bring!

Sample chapters:

Legend Unleashed Prologue-Chapter 4

Author: M. Latimer-Ridley
Publisher: Cranmer Publishing
Available to buy:  
E-book: Amazon US
E-book: Amazon UK
Paperback: Amazon UK
Paperback: CreateSpace Page

14 thoughts on “Out Now!

    1. Thank you!!! I was showing a friend of mine (who loves cooking and baking) your blog the other day, she loved it! She wants to try make the asparagus baked pasta! And with your wine tips, I’m starting to sound like I know things! 😀

  1. Great post! I enjoyed seeing how another writing duo co-writes – very interesting! We do some things similarly, and have also found that it’s really fun to cowrite with someone because you can constantly bounce ideas off them. Congratulations on the book; it looks like a fun story and I’ll definitely check it out. Good luck!

    1. Thanks a million!! It really is interesting to see how other people write, isn’t it? Definitely fun to have a co-author, we tend to have our best ideas when we get together! You often see other writers taking about the loneliness of being an author, but that’s definitely not the case with us! 😀
      What kind of things do you two do the same or differently? We’d love to hear!!

    1. Ah thank you so much!!! Really hope you do like it!! Either way though we really value your opinion!!
      (also if you’re looking for a fun anime, we’ve both started watching a new one Kamisama Hajimemashita-episode 5 is fairly sqwee-worthy! 😀 )

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