Vogue Vogue Go with The Flow!

Latimer and Ridley hit the ‘beautification button’ and got dolled up for a photoshoot… no seriously… they did!

Ridley: We’ve been doing exciting things the last little while. Busy, busy! We got our structural edits back from our editor. So the last two and a half weekends, Friday night to Sunday evening, (with many cups of tea), in between colds and broken laptops, we’ve been working away through his notes. We’ve been changing, adding, rewriting and generally whimpering. The words, ‘location description’, have become despised at MLR central! Haha! It seems while we’re decent enough at the ole characters, setting them into a specific location and describing it is something we forget to do. (Sure, why do we need to do this, it’s in our heads, we see it, surely you all have telepathic powers and can see it too, no?? Haha.)

Latimer: It’s going really well. We feel pretty positive. Although writing a story is fun, it’s a lot of hard work, but every time we edit the story gets tighter. We are now nearing the ‘we are happy’ point! So onward, onward we go!

Ridley: Other than that, the second exciting thing we’ve been getting up to is we did a joint photo shoot a few weeks ago (I love saying this, we sound so professional! ‘I can’t do Saturday, I have a photo shoot to attend, shall I check my diary and I’ll get back to you?’ Ha!) Anyway, yes a photo shoot and before I run away with a massive hot air balloon sized head, it was a groupon voucher deal (a company that gives fantastic discounts on different things, from hotel breaks away, bean bags to teeth whitening!) Anyway, we jumped at the chance to do the photo shoot, not only was it something completely different, we wanted a nice author biography picture for both the Amazon author page and our blog.

Latimer: I’ve never been properly done up so this was great fun! My constant thought was, ‘well, however I look, it will be the best I can ever look, so, please God don’t let it be bad!’.

Ridley: Now, getting my picture taken is not one of my favourite past times. I think we were both worried that we’d be stiff and awkward in front of the camera. (Smile with your eyes people!) However, going in we’d decided we wanted it to be as natural as possible, no posing.

Latimer: I was worried it would take ages for us to warm up and then it would be over and we would be left with some very awkward photos!

Ridley: When we arrived at the studio (MFK on Dame Street, in Dublin), it was in an old building on the second floor. However, to get up there we had to walk through a Chinese herbal shop (I know, really weird, right?) The shop also happened to be closed. So it was dark when we walked in. Expecting to be met by glamorous studio people with flawless skin and high stilettos, we stopped and stared around at the giant jars filled with dried who knows what.

There was this little white door just in on the right with a black arrow and the words MFK studio. I reached out thinking that we had to duck in through it and maybe twist up some narrow winding stairs. I swung it open and tried to walk into an electric box. We burst out laughing. Eventually, we found the lift just around the corner.

Once upstairs, we had our makeup done and our hair styled for us. Then we were ushered up to a small room with a white backdrop (and a black one to the side) and giant spot lights (my eyes started watering at one point from them). The photographer was very welcoming. When we explained we had cups that we wanted in the photo (we wanted it to appear as if we’d been having a cup of tea and a chat).

I think she thought we were crazy, but then she said a few weeks ago, there was a woman who wanted to have tea cakes in her picture. (*Sigh* That would have been a great addition with the cup of tea! Haha.)

We had so much fun. The two of us and the photographer basically spent the whole time giggling, you should see some of the rejected photos, we’re bent over (we were telling her about how I walked into the cupboard downstairs). She let us in on the old trick of extras in the background of Fair City (Dublin based TV show) use the word, ‘rhubarb’, to appear as if they’re talking about something.

That cracked us up; the idea of all these people wandering around a television studio set mumbling rhubarb at each other while the main actors said their lines. So, of course, we started saying it. Anyway, by the end and shots later, here’s the two we picked!

Latimer: Hopefully they look like we are having a laugh and a bit of craic, Irish stylie!

Ridley: The only other time we had so much fun with a camera was when we were in Tokyo and we discovered the photo booths in their arcade centres, there’s loads of them (in the same building as the infamous pachinko parlours).

Latimer: These photos are called ‘purikura’ and are very popular with the ‘kids’.

Ridley: Each one have different effects, in the one we picked we had five seconds to copy different random J-pop poses before the camera flashed, then you can basically add loads of effects and random clip art to the resulting photos. This was the result.

Latimer: Very crazy pictures you have been warned! The people on the screen suggest the poses- we didn’t do them randomly… ah sigh well, here they are!

The eyes are just so freaking looking. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Vogue Vogue Go with The Flow!

  1. Agreed, the eyes are a little scary! But the other photos are great and it looks (and sounds) like you had a good time. So will these be going in the book?

    1. Thanks James! Yeah the eyes are mad, aren’t they? Haha.
      We thought about putting a bio picture in the book, but I think we’ve decided to just use it on the Amazon author page and here on the blog, About page. We may change our minds last minute though! What do you think, yeigh/neigh?

      1. Isn’t it yay/nay? Or have I been getting that wrong?

        Anyway I’m voting for yeigh/yay. After all, pictures are a little fiddly to format. And I suppose not having a photo in the book could create a little intrigue and encourage a reader to find out more about you which would lead them to your website!

        1. No sorry, haha, it’s definitely yay/nay, that’s just me! Every time I hear or say the phrase I remember this photo, I don’t know why http://cheezburger.com/2538498816
          (so you can imagine how I’m saying it! 😀 )
          Aye, think you’re right James, it would be quite fiddly! And sure, the blog is here if they’re interested at all in finding out who we are!

    1. Thanks a million J.D! 🙂 The pictures didn’t turn out too badly, we’re happy enough especially after getting such a great groupon deal on them! The plan for the next great deal off them is a giant bean bag!

  2. Is the coffe cup with MLR logo a giveaway? 😀 Between the two professional photos, I like the bottom one better. Both are nothing compared to the Jpop pics. Bwahahaha.

    1. A give away? I wouldn’t have thought anyone would be interested in having them, but it’s definitely an option if people are! 🙂 Yeah, the J-pop pictures are hilarious, aren’t they? With our crazy eyes and we went a bit mad with all the clip art! Haha.

    1. Ah thanks Robin!
      Definitely go for the un-posed pictured. It’s more fun, you can just be yourself, natural and relaxed, a lot of the work is done by the photographer trying to capture that perfect moment! 🙂
      And I’ve just seen you have a new post up about how your daughter is getting on in the army, I’ve been looking forward to it! *scurries away to go read it*

      1. I love it when you scurry.

        A gal here does family and senior portraits and I love her work. She captures candid moments but the people in the photos look beautiful. That is the look I am after!

    1. Thanks a million Maggie!! 🙂
      Hope you’re looking forward to your trip to Dublin! I see you were in Scotland, one of my favourite places ever. Particularly Edinburgh, absolutely beautiful and so historic!!

    1. Hi Frances!
      The pictures are a bit mad, We laugh every time we look at them, we went a bit crazy with the special effects! 🙂 The booths really are loads of fun, aren’t they? We were in one place that had nearly 10 of them, they were all being used, the most popular ones even had a queue!
      Did you use the booths too? How did your pictures turn out?

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