The wonders of paper art

Ridley: Found this fantastic video at the wordpress blog London Art Portfolio. It is a book trailer, of sorts! The paper art is beautiful and is really attention grabbing- I immediately went to look up this book by Maurice Gee, just to see what it was all about. This is an example of complete skill, patience and imagination. You can’t help but think if this is an example of the type of effort put into just advertising the book, ‘Going West’, then the book itself must be fairly impressive….
I also love this video as it combines my two loves; art and writing!

London Art Portfolio Blog

This amazing video is made up of over 3000 images, recreating an extract from a novel by Maurice Gee, entitled ‘Going West’. The entire film was made by hand, using only paper and scalpel blades, and was filmed with 2 SLR cameras, using Dedo lights to light the pages. What a fascinating example of  how patience can pay off!

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