Random Post #1

Ridley: So Latimer and I saw The Hunger Games movie today, finally I got someone to go
with. (I already blogged a little below on the fact that I read the books! And liked them, a lot.) I find if Latimer’s not on board with an obsession, I’ve few options to drag people along, all my other friends have much different tastes than mine. Some wouldn’t even really like to read (Say what? Yes, its true!). I also tend to have no one to go to my music concerts with either (ah there’s my tiny violin, let’s hear it play the saddest song just for moi! Ha.) Rammstein was my last one. I never asked Latimer, I know already what the answer would have been- she’d have taken a deep breath, wiped the tears from her cheeks, stood up from her bent over laughing and said ‘No’.  (She likes her Indie music instead.)

Anyway, HG, mwhaa, I have managed to convert her. We popped into the bookshop afterwards and she bought the books. Though the covers were horrible versions; garish, very boyish and a lot like Anthony Horowitz’s books. They did have ones with black designs lying around, slightly different again to the nicer ones you can get on Amazon, but they didn’t have Catching Fire in that version. (I know, I know, we’re so picky, but it needs to look nice up on the bookshelf!)

It was only a matter of time really, I had no doubt she would have folded. There could be no hope for her holding out, not when I was poking her, mentally, ‘read read read…’ and quite annoying at it I was too! 🙂

So I’m pretty sure she’ll be holed up with a cup of tea for the rest of the evening/night. I’ll get a random text at some point round 2 am, I’d say. Good times. I’m almost jealous that she doesn’t know what happens in them. Does anyone else sometimes wish they could erase their memory of a really good book/series and then read it all again, experiencing it like you did the first time? Though I’d want my memories returned to me afterwards, just in case there was anything extra or important in them!

I also bought a book while we were there. (I know I have a problem, I just can’t pop into a bookshop without buying something. I have no sense, and more books then I can read!) I got Cassandra Clare’s second book in ‘The Infernal Devices’ series, it’s called Clockwork Prince. Good series, though there really are a lot of echoes in it from her ‘Mortal Instruments’ series, the characters are almost the same, just with different names. Though if you leave a large enough gap between the two series, as I have done, it doesn’t really matter. She’s still a very good author.

So I’m off to curled up somewhere to read too! *clicks the kettle on* 


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