Book review-Someone Else’s Fairytale by E.M.Tippett

Ridley: I seem to be on some sort of readathon. Not a deliberate one, these moods sometimes seize me. I’ll read nothing for ages and then snap up two or three books in one go.

One of these was E.M. Tippett’s, Someone Else’s Fairytale (love the title). She was kind enough to provide it free on Amazon on 1st March to celebrate being in the Kindle top 1000 books. Congratulations to her! I’d literally just visited her website and read an excerpt when she did, so it was happy timing for me. A much appreciated generous gesture on her part!

I’ve come away after reading this book with a smile and warm fuzzy feelings. Then I happened to watch the most recent Glee episode afterwards, which compounded the feeling -there were so many fuzzies I could’ve made a teddy bear!

It’s a really endearing love story, a fairy tale for the modern girl. Jason is an international movie star and all the fan girls are starry eyed for him (and squealing, giggling, crying) all except Chloe. She is completely unimpressed by him, his lifestyle and his strutting around.

This is what draws him to her.

Laid back and completely normal around him and his superstar status, it is Chloe who impresses everyone including his famous friends and his family. Not to mention quite a number of people have a wide protective streak when it comes to her due to something that happened in her past. This ‘something’ is slowly revealed to us throughout the story.

It is the love triangle however, that really grabs the attention. It isn’t only the handsome actor after Chloe’s heart; her alpha Texan best friend Matthew starts to see green, especially when Jason begins to woo her with extravagant romantic gestures.

We follow their struggles, the ups and downs, as well as a reappearance of Chloe’s dark past. It’s only when everything is almost too late, that Chloe realises what she feels and for who. The complications don’t end there, however, as insecurities begin to gnaw at our heroine.  

Towards the ending I had my breath held, hoping it was all going to turn out well for Chloe. Of course, I won’t tell you either way how it ends, but it’s a good writer who makes me try to stem the flow of oxygen to my brain!

So if you want a good book, with entertaining characters that suck you into their lives, grab this one!

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