Book review: Chosen by Denise Grover Swank


Ridley: I was in the mood for a book, so I went browsing through Amazon on my laptop. This can  always be dangerous to my bank balance, I generally have more books I want than sense! (Also does anyone else hate browsing on their Kindle for an e-book? I generally find it online first, then go onto the Kindle and buy it. Otherwise it’s too slow and all that greyness gets very boring, I like seeing all the colourful covers!)


Anyway! I stumbled upon Chosen, I read the reviews, ( has far more than by the by.) opened the excerpt for the first few pages, and then I was hooked!


I’ve definitely found a nice gem and a future favourite author. Below I’ve done a small review so I can spread the word and let others discover it too! -I love telling people about my new finds! Even if it’s a case a thousand and one people have already found it before me, it’s still my find in my head!! Just like Harry Potter was my find, and Twilight was my find and Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician trilogy was my find!! Yes, I know you see a pattern-of fantastic finds by me!! 🙂  


So Chosen….


The two main characters are complex and wonderfully written. Will, with his dark past and cold ruthlessness and Emma, who has had to deal with her own horrific past events and a life on the run as a single mother.


Their encounter happens almost immediately, there are no boring introduction pages ‘setting the scene’. We get right into the action and we are taken on their journey both physically- across country, and emotionally. With such scarring pasts, it’s only natural that each character has to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil, which the author is quite apt at portraying. However, she does not make the mistake of dwelling on this ad infinitum and she is able to show us that while the characters are both scarred deeply, they are also resilient and very strong. 


The other, more fun emotional journey is the romance! (always my favourite part!)


Will definitely has that bad boy attitude that all us poor suckers fall for. Emma though is feisty enough to handle him. The building passionate relationship between them will have you the edge of your seat. Not to mention all of the thrilling gunfights and car chases.


Then there’s the creepiness of Emma’s little boy Jake, he’s cute but he’ll give you a bit of a chill too. No child should speak like him and know the things he does! Though I ended up having quite the soft spot for him, creepy or no creepy!


The book is ultimately a thriller, based in the ‘real world’, it is not as heavily laced with magic as other novels, there are no magic wielding big bads or magical peoples as such. While the whole story is based on concepts which are inherently paranormal, their use is drip fed throughout the book. Each paranormal event is built one upon the other.


In such a realistic landscape, this could have gone very wrong under the typing fingers of a different author but Denise weaves them into the plot extremely well and ensures they’re quite believable.


She also keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. The overall mystery and suspense as to why they’re being chased is what really drives you forward to turn the pages, wondering and hoping the answer will be in the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next chapter.


It’s the sort of book that you finish in a day (which I did!) and then go purchase the sequel Hunted (which I’m about to do!)


So if you want a good read that will keep you snuggled up on your couch till your bum is numb and your tea is cold then pop on over to Amazon and check Denise Grover Swank’s books out. 


Alternatively check out Denise’s blog here!

Happy reading!



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