Famous? Who me? Yes please. But in Asia.

Ridley: Sorrys, there’s been nothing but ‘radio silence’ from me and my blogging. I just figured I didn’t really have anything interesting to say, not that I really do now either but I was musing. It’s a dangerous thing for me to be musing, you know, it leads to very strange places! Latimer sent me this link, it is the ‘ Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies‘, though there seems to be numerous names for the show.

It’s Korean and basically its a show with non-Koreans who live in the country and speak the language. A lot of them have become famous in their own right over there. And I will readily admit, I’m very jealous of their linguist skills! It just seems to me that (and I know it’s probably not) a non-asian can become famous over there quite easily especially if they have the language. I mean look at Beckii Cruel-if you don’t know who she is, here’s the wiki article and just type her into youtube.

The interest in this Beautiful ladies show, stems from of course, a drama. In Mischievous Kiss, one of the girls from this show turns up in it. Can you see the major green-eyed jealousy of every non-asian watching? Who is she and why am I not her, in there with our beautiful idols? All I’ll say is fair play to her, she’s put in the work, learned another language and got out there and made it all happen!

I think I’ve always had this unspoken, almost unconscious dream that if I went over to Japan or Korea or some other asian country that I could become an idol. I’d join the idolised ranks of pop stars and drama actors, who all seem to intermingle no matter what asian country they’re from. I’d get to meet them all. It seems like a glamorous life, it’s not I’m sure! I know that it’s probably unrealistic. But I’ll continue to learn the language (Japanese at the moment, but I want to be fluent in Korean and Mandarin Chinese too eventually! It’s a tall order I know)

Maybe one day I’ll be making a fool of myself trying to speak their language on a game show. Who knows!

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