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Ridley: Riddle me this and riddle me that! Why is it, when you have no holidays or days off coming up you can always think of a hundred different things to do other than working or studying or finishing a deadline for some project and yet the minute you get a bit time off, you can’t seem to remember any of these things!! What’s up with that? I only ever seem to be able to remember them about an hour before I go to bed on my last day off. So instead of doing all the no doubt exciting things I’ve erased from my mind, I spend a seriously unhealthy amount of time on daft.ie (I just came from there to here, there’s a lovely manor house for sale near me, with a massive expanse of acres and beautiful oak paneling, for many many euro *sigh* One day, maybe!) or watching those housey shows like Location Location Location. Maybe it’s the harmless peeping tom in me, always wondering what life is like in other people’s homes. I think it’d be fun if you could pop into someone elses life for a bit. Would you experience life through similar eyes? What would it be like to be a diver or a gymnast or a stockbroker or an engineer or a bus driver or a professional singer (you get the idea). Some people have such fascinating stories really. I love hearing them. A lot of them for me betimes seem to involve travelling though to be fair. I do want to see the world! Sitting on the bus or train is a great place to chat to people or overhear things-then when you never get the full story (and there’s always a certain amount of disappointment when you don’t!), let your imagination run wild instead and finish it yourself! I got chatting to one lady who was telling me about living in China for three years, another said her daughter and herself were off to Crete as they were both studying ancient history and had a holiday booked to tour the historic sites with a local historian. I spoke with another person who was a nurse, but instead of just hospitals (which is what springs to mind!), she also worked on film sets, tending to the first aid needs of the actors….

You know sometimes I get so frustrated! There just seems to be so many options available to us these days- things we can be or do and places we can go. It’s like we’re pulled in million different directions and we never know which way to go, so we just stay where we are, letting life push us where it will, instead of making a decision and taking that step forward to where we want to be. (Poor Latimer, she gets this spiel off me quite often these days!)

So maybe you should watch this space. I might just slip on a pair of beautiful high heels and take those few steps forward! I wonder where I’ll end up?

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